Podcast E9: How to write for internal communications

In this episode of Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger?, Clare Lynch talks to one of her clients - internal comms consultant Teresa North. Teresa talked about how writers can help companies communicate better with their employees - and what she’s looking for in a writer.

  • What internal communicators do – and how they use writing and writers

  • The problem of ‘corpspeak’ in large organisations

  • The “T-T-T” rule of communication

  • How to stand out as a communicator – by asking the right questions

  • The qualities internal comms people are looking for in a writer

  • Why great listeners make great writers

  • How internal comms has changed over the years - current trends

  • Opportunities for copywriters hoping to break into the internal comms niche

  • The importance of building strong relationships with your clients

Teresa North 8337 low res.jpg

About Teresa North

Teresa North has had more than 20 years’ experience working in internal communication. After 15 years in in-house roles for companies including Microsoft, Prudential, Barclays and UBS, in 2011 Teresa founded Water Cooler, an award-winning internal communication consultancy that works with leaders to help them improve their employees’ work lives. Teresa’s clients include Microsoft, QBE, Macquarie Bank, British Council, Australia Post, LendLease, Gleeds, Australian Hearing, Telstra, Channel Nine, Blackmores, realestate.com.au and the Australian National Broadband Network. She is studying for a degree in photography.