Podcast E11: How to write like a thought leader

Thought leadership. It’s one of those phrases many copywriters are skeptical of - probably because it’s so overused. In this episode, Clare Lynch chats to Simon Philips, a marketing consultant who specialises in advising professional services firms on producing content that actually qualifies for the term. Simon talked about what good thought leadership looks like – and what it doesn’t. And how as a copywriter you can position yourself to work in this high-quality niche.

  • What good thought leadership looks like (and what it doesn’t)

  • The four essential ingredients for any thought leadership piece

  • Two key skills – in addition to writing – you need to have to produce compelling thought leadership

  • How to measure the effectiveness of a piece of thought leadership

  • How to balance original thought leadership with the brand voice

  • The importance of playing on your reader’s emotions – even in professional services


About Simon Philips

Simon is a London-based consultant and writer. He started his career in advertising sales and spent nearly twenty years at The Economist in London, Hong Kong and Germany. After a brief dotcom stint, he was Global Head of Communications & Marketing at UBS Investment Bank and then Marketing Director for property company Grosvenor, before setting up his consulting business, helping B2B firms structure their marketing activities and develop effective communications. As well as writing marketing material and thought leadership for his own clients, he is an associate of Acritas, the legal research firm, and is closely involved in the development of their Thought Leadership evaluation tool, Brainbox.