Podcast E6: Living the dream as tech copywriter and surf girl

In this episode of Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger?, Clare Lynch talks to Shannon Munro Denny, who’s carved out a successful freelance career writing for tech firms - around her passion for surfing. In our chat, Shannon shared her tips for delighting your clients – while living the dream of sea, sand and surfing.

  • Tune into this episode to discover:

  • Why it helps to play dumb when you’re writing about tech

  • How to deal with feedback on your copy

  • The benefits (and challenges) of working remotely

  • The importance of having a routine when you’re working from home

  • Shannon’s strategy for winning new clients

  • How to make an income from writing about your hobby or passion

  • How to pitch an article that the editor can’t resist


About Shannon munro Denny

Shannon Munro Denny is a copywriter and editor. Raised in the US, she has lived in Britain since 2000. She holds history and journalism degrees, and previously worked as a journalist. As well as working for technology and marketing clients such as Google, Kantar and Global Media, she has collaborated on several books, including the Surf Girl Handbook and the Surf Cafe Cookbook. Her hobbies include surfing and waiting to go surfing.