Corpspeak alert: "Solutions" still going strong


Everyone seems to hate the word solutions, but marketers still can't help wheeling it out at any opportunity - as these three recent arrivals in my inbox show.

Low cost? Great! Flexible? Great! But what exactly are you advertising?


Wow, thanks! I've had that jar containing a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances knocking around on my desk since the summer and I've been meaning to leverage its capabilities for ages.


Genius! Take your "solutions" criminality to the next level - incorporate the word into a hideous pun that makes what you're selling sound wholly uninviting. At least it might distract your readers from your apostrophe sins and that bizarre "dot" conceit you've become so fond of.

For more on why you shouldn't use the word "solutions", see my guest post on Brad Shorr's Word Sell blog.