Podcast E16: Creative ways to win copywriting clients

In this episode of Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger?, Clare Lynch talks to conversion copywriter and remote worker Robbie King. In his previous life as a London ad agency guy, Robbie successfully used some outlandish ways to win the attention of creative directors, and he agreed to help three listeners with creative ideas for winning clients. Tune in to hear Robbie talk about:

  • Conversion copy – what it is and how to write it

  • Why copywriting is like method acting

  • How to research your target reader to craft copy that makes them buy

  • The realities of living the remote working dream

  • The secret to being attractive to clients when you’re working remotely

  • The remote working sites to avoid – and one to use

  • The mindset you need to succeed as a remote worker

  • Creative ways to win your dream clients

  • Three real-life listener case studies with clever strategies for winning work



About Robbie King

Robbie King is an ex advertising creative from London who decided to ditch the big smoke to become a freelancing digital nomad, working remotely as a conversion copywriter. These days he works from wherever he feels like which is usually somewhere tropical. Robbie works within a variety of niches but, given his interest in it, focuses on the blockchain industry.

Find him at robbie@rdotk.co.uk