A cliché as individual as you are

Think twice before you choose to pin this tired old strap line to your product.


Yes, I'm unique! A zingy green apple among those grainy, pappy reds that taste like they were picked three years ago.


Well, what zingy green apple wouldn't want their High Definition Formatting to be as individual as they are?



It's normal to fancy inanimate objects, right? Bet there are specialist websites for that sort of thing.



Perfect for when your front door no longer does it for you.



A generic corporate "blah" word as individual as you are. Paired with the deadly implications of "ultimate driving machine".



Huh? So you can't make me look as individual as Angelina Jolie is, then?



Well she looks pretty pleased with her supply chain solutions as individual as she is. Gotta get me some of them!



Something as individual as I am? At last!

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  1. Liat Gat says:

    Oh dear. This is terrible! Thanks for the laugh and the warning!

  2. Haha. Isn’t it ironic? Yeah, I really do think.

  3. Dave says:

    Norbert Dentressangle? Sounds like a character from a Steve Martin comedy. Memorable name though, I suppose.

  4. Sharon says:

    I always want to do the same exercise with “Christmas all wrapped up”.

  5. Hugh says:

    As a child, travelling the M1 motorway, I fell in love with the Norbert Dentressangle brand. It made me aware of the peculiarity of words and their inherent power.
    I still look out for their lorries today, as does my wife (a habit she grew up with entirely independently), as do our children.
    Ignoring the ‘individual as cliché’ is all well and good, but it does invite an even bigger issue: how do you convince ‘individuals’ that they are that, when 99.9% of advertising and human behaviour focuses on being just like everyone else!
    Still, there’s only one Norbert Dentressangle.

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