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Doris and Bertie are business writing experts. We work with
anyone who needs to write as part of their job. We can
either provide the words for you.

Or we'll train you and your team to
be more persuasive writers.

We take our inspiration from the world’s greatest businessman,
Warren Buffett. Well known for his down-to-earth communication
style, Buffett writes all his business documents as if he were
talking to his sisters, Doris and Bertie.

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What Google’s Go announcement means for your website copy

Last week, Google announced it had developed an artificial intelligence programme capable of beating the European world champion of the board game Go. Computers, of course, have long been able to take on – and beat – chess champions. But Google’s¬†latest achievement is of a whole different order. Where¬†chess has 9 million possible positions, Go […]

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