Sharpen your and your team’s skills.

Doris and Bertie will tailor a business writing course to your organisation’s needs.
Our courses cover everything from basic grammar to the art of the headline,
and they’re designed to be as entertaining and interactive as they are informative.


Our training clients 

Do you or your employees struggle to find the right words?
Do you worry that a shaky knowledge of grammar is undermining your credibility as a business? 

44 percent of managers feel writing proficiency is the hard skill most lacking among recent college graduates.
— Payscale Workforce-Skills Preparednes Report 2016

Meet your trainer


Dr Clare Lynch is Doris and Bertie’s chief business writing expert. As a trainer and writing coach, she has been described as inspiring, engaging and entertaining.

In the 1990s she worked at the Financial Times and has since helped a wide range of organisations communicate better with their clients, customers and employees.

Clare is also a director at Cambridge Language Education and Research Associates (CLERA), which provides English language training and consultancy to governments, universities, the private sector and schools, both in the UK and overseas

Clare has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and teaches writing skills at the University’s Language Centre. She has designed and taught modules on business English for the University’s Judge Business School.

She also has an LLM (distinction) from the University of London.