Could you say it more simply?

At Doris and Bertie, we hate annoying jargon and pretentious gobbledygook. So we were delighted to discover the Up-Goer Five text editor. This online tool challenges you to describe an idea using only the most common 1,000 words in English.

The name “Up-Goer Five” comes from an attempt to describe a Saturn V rocket in this way (“rocket” is a no-no – hence “up-goer”). Check out this charming diagram of “the only flying space car that’s taken anyone to another world”.

Even for plain speakers like us, it’s not easy to describe what you do using only the most common 1,000 words. We can only wonder how people who use phrases like “integrated delivery solutions” and “driving operational excellence” would cope.

Our Doris and Bertie homepage failed the Up-Goer Five test so we rewrote it using the Up-Goer Five text editor. Tell us what you think:

We are people who help businesses build stronger relationships with other people: the people who buy the things the businesses make, the people with the money to help the businesses make the things they make, and the people who make the things for the businesses.

Our writing is clear, simple and to the point. No hard words and boring talk. Just words other people will want to read.

Because most of the businesses we work with do things with money, we write like Mr Buffett, who is the greatest money man in the world. Well known for his simple talking, Mr Buffett writes all his business papers as if he were talking to his sisters. Like most people, his sisters know about lots of things, but they do not know about money.

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Could you describe what you do in simple words? Have a go and post the results in the comments below.