Whose core values are these?

Any mission statement that begins “The world is a place rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity...” sets alarm bells ringing. You just know the organisation responsible for such guff has a higher opinion of itself than it probably deserves. But I’m not going to tell who said this. See if you can figure it out for yourself.

Some clues:

The core values “at the very heart” of this organisation are: “authenticity”, “unity”, “performance” and “integrity”.

So far so clichéd - not too much to distinguish it from any other large corporation there.

But where this organisation really does set itself apart is in its idealism toward, and obvious passion for, its product, which is variously described as:

“a symbol of hope and integration” (whatever “symbol of integration” means)

the “heart and soul” of the organisation in question

“most cherished”

“the very essence of fair play and solidarity”

“a school of life” with “unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values”

“an integrated part of society”

“a unifying force whose virtues can make an important contribution to society”

“a tool for social and human development, by strengthening the work of dozens of initiatives around the globe to support local communities in the areas of peacebuilding, health, social integration, education and more.” (Phew! There’s more?)

“simple, beautiful”

“building a better future for the world”

“bringing hope to those less privileged”

Say who you think it is in the comments, then see if you were right here.