Euphemism alert: “active waist”

For one reason or another (possibly the looming of the big five-oh), the normally style-conscious Mr Good Copy, Bad Copy recently became the emergency purchaser of a pair of “active waist” trousers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you might well be picturing some high-tech new gym attire that tones your abs as you go about your daily chores.

Large as the market would be for such an item, I’m sorry to say it’s not what my soon-to-be-fifty hubs is the not-so proud possessor of.

For I’m afraid the “active” part of “active waist” takes the form of elastic in lieu of belt loops.

It’s a design feature necessitated by the presence of a distinctly inactive waist, affectionately referred to by Mr and Mrs Good Copy, Bad Copy as “The Beast”.

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  1. You have to take a stand against this sort of feeble nonsense.

    Leave the active waist trousers on the rail and go to the first shop that’s advertising trousers with an elasticated waist.

    They’ll probably be cheaper anyway, as it won’t take thousands of pounds worth of focus groups and brand consultants to come up with the silly name.

  2. Does it have one of those chips that broadcasts its status to your smartphone? Because then it will be radio-active waist.

  3. Mr Good Copy, Bad Copy would benefit from a little help in the abdominal area, not from elasticated waist, but exercise and a moderate diet change….. I say moderate for now!

    Although the aforementioned trousers maybe comfortable, and easy to slip off, Mrs Good Copy, Bad Copy may want to encourage Mr, to get the beast down to the local gymnasium. I’m sure a very willing fitness professional would take him under his wing;-)

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