Brand engagement? Bring on the gobbledygook!

What do you think this might be?

an unparalleled experiential platform used to engage key audiences through a unique and unforgettable brand experience…

[it] connects consumers with brands through a personalised, relevant and memorable experience…

The experience appeals to guests at a sensory and emotional level, creating a bond between brand and consumer.

Leave a comment telling me what you think is being described – then find out here.

Was it what you expected? Did the “brand engagement” jargon do it justice?

15 comments so far . . . come and pitch in!

  1. Richard Owsley says:

    Hi Clare, sounds like the kind of bollocks they use to describe a free gift, a free go on something, or a sample? I’ll have a look at the truth now. Richard

  2. Richard Owsley says:

    Oh, right. Well why didn’t they just say.

  3. It’s ‘purposely built’. They didn’t do it by accident, you know.

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  5. Alicia Rudzka says:

    I have no real idea what this is describing. A car, maybe?

  6. Alicia Rudzka says:

    I agree, Richard.

  7. The answer is even more disconcerting than the gobbledegook! Surely it is a joke – an April Fool?

    PS two lots of anti spam??? you need to be committed to comment!

  8. Clare Lynch says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this goes nowhere near to describing what it actually is – though I guess it is literally a platform…

    And yet the spammers still get through, Joanna! What to do?

  9. I think it’s something to do with food. They give you little canapés shaped like the company logo and you eat quietly during the rest of their presentation. I wonder how inaccurate that will be…

  10. Clare Lynch says:

    Michael: Good spot – those accidental experiential platforms just don’t engage properly.

    Will: Getting close … sort of.

  11. Caspar Trimmer says:

    Getting them drunk and tattooing the logo onto their foreheads.

  12. Clare Lynch says:

    Close, Caspar, in that it sounds equally traumatic.

  13. 4ndyman says:

    It sounds like Foursquare to me.

  14. kikib03076 says:

    A corporate video being played in a surround-sound, iMax-type theater with aromatherapy and rumble chairs.

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