Guest post on the Word Sell blog: Solutions

I’ve got a guest post today on Brad Shorr’s brilliant Word Sell blog. So please head over there to read my latest rant on everyone’s favourite piece of business-speak. Yes, it’s the dreaded word “solutions” . . .

Brad’s an expert on how to write for the web, so it’s an honour to be featured on his blog. Do check out the rest of his site for ideas on great content, business blogging, and how to boost the Google-ability of your site.

6 comments so far . . . come and pitch in!

  1. Brad Shorr says:

    Hi Clare, Thank you for your kind words. Not only is your guest post excellent, it is useful. We writers can send it to potential clients whose web sites are full of s********, if you know what I mean.

  2. Clare Lynch says:

    Oh, please do send to any clients. If I can help to eliminate this word for once and for all, then my life’s work will be complete!

  3. Jody Bruner says:

    Clare, I love your rant. I share your feelings exactly but don’t have your nerve! What are your thoughts around the word…..around? As in, “Let’s have a meeting around that.” Jody

  4. Clare Lynch says:

    Thanks for popping by, Jody.

    I’ve never before heard the vile little expression “have a meeting around that”. However, I have been planning to follow up on yesterday’s post about the preposition “into” with another on “around”, so do swing by next week. Your example will certainly be included in my discussion!

  5. Arthur Brash says:

    Never heard “have a meeting around” either, unless it continues something like “the water cooler” or “that coffee shop with ungrammatical menus.” 😛

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