A good reason not to pay your Council Tax

Thanks to reader Blake Evans for alerting me to this story about Birmingham City Council banning the apostrophe in its road signs.

A tad worrying that the head of the city’s transport scrutiny committee, Councillor Martin Mullaney, seems to think that a basic grasp of the apostrophe is an advanced level skill.

Don’t know what the schools are like in Birmingham, Martin, but I had mastered it before the age of ten.

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  1. JH says:

    There was a surfeit of apostrophes at Waterloo Station this morning:

  2. Clare Lynch says:

    They started off so well, too. Then they went ruined it by hedging their bets the second time round.

  3. Brad Shorr says:

    If your politicians are confused by apostrophes, you’ve got an even sorrier bunch than we have here in the U.S. And that’s really saying something.

  4. Clare Lynch says:

    Yes, Brad, they are, indeed, pretty hopeless or despicable or both.

  5. katypea says:

    “St. Thomas’ Hospital” (as per the directional signage around Waterloo) or “St. Thomas’s Hospital” (as per my sheer editorial common sense). Please tell me i won the arguement with The Boyfriend last night…?

  6. Clare Lynch says:

    Hi katypea – you inspired me to write a new post about this question. You’ll find the answer there!

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